Start Your Coin Mania.
Simply. Securely.

Bullish takes the complexity out of getting your project off the ground.
Build hype, focus on your community, and launch with 100x lower cost.

Also, Bullish protects all users from rug-pull. Pick a coin you like and ape in with confidence.

Coming Soon On Aptos

But, what's wrong with the current process?

Let's rewind the last time you launched a coin.


First, you've read Aptos doc very carefully.


Then, you started to learn Move.
Oof, this is not easy.
But you MADE IT!


" I'll tell all my frens to trade it! "
But NOT YET, my fren.
You still need to add liquidity.


Finally, all done!
But the hype is OVER.
There's no one to here to trade, and your money is down the drain.

Now, Let's imagine u gonna ape in a coin.

There's two ways, typically.

First, presale.
Send your money to a random address and hope for the best.
Hmm, sounds nothing like a SCAM at all.

Second, buy it on the open market.

"What could possibly go wrong?"

Is this coin a HoneyPot?
Is this coin gonna steal all my other assets?
Do devs still have the mint ref?
There're countless questions need to be answered.
But, unfortunately, there is no way to be 100% sure of a smart contract's legitimacy, unless you spending lot of hours familiarising yourself with any related coding languages so that you can audit them yourself.


Step 1. Pick a name.

Step 2. Pick a ticker.

Step 3. Pick a JPG.

Then it's DONE.

You coin will be tradable instantly.

(bonding curve magic baby!)

Auto-seeding liquidity is built-in.

Hit the cap, and a DEX pool gets deployed automatically with LP burned.

For degens, all coins on Bullish are SAFU.

No extra minting.

No toxic contract.

No presale.

And, no more RUG!

Just pure Bullish!


Things are going really fast.

Stay tuned.

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